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Native American Action StoriesThis paperback book is listed on Amazon and eBook listed on Kindle.

Native American Action Stories is historical fiction about exciting events in nine different tribes that occurred hundreds and hundreds of years ago. This book concerns various tribes located throughout North America and Central America–from frozen ice lands of the Arctic to steamy jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Using backgrounds based upon historical cultures and customs, the author accurately portrays some of the adventures experienced by nine diverse tribes who occupied totally different geographic regions.  Major events important to a particular group are viewed through the eyes of a tribal 15-year-old as he lived through these happenings.  In all episodes the positive traits of young adults are stressed.

This book is distinguished from many others previously written.  It’s the manner in which unique tribal cultures are described in the first part of a chapter and then having such facts woven into adventure sequences featured in the latter sections.  Stories are presented in play format as well as in narrative form with each tribe having its own descriptive chapter.  Every chapter contains a map an several illustrations.

Native American Action Stories is intended for young readers–both male and female–from 15 to 19 years of age.

This paperback book is listed on Amazon and eBook listed on Kindle.

The Author

Alvin R. Brown has taught American history in both high school and community college.  As a result of this academic background, the author developed a deep interest in various Native American tribes along with their culture and customs.

Unfortunately, the typical history text does not contain detailed material about various Indian groups.  The author then sought other books, which specialize in Native American history and folklore.  Thus he was able to study little known facts about our country’s first inhabitants–facts that are incorporated into these stories.

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