Would you like to offer your students – especially those not too fond of reading – a book that keeps them so interested they will often stay after school to finish a chapter? This is almost a regular occurrence with those reading “Native American Action Stories.” It’s a book written especially for young adolescents both male and female and has been awarded numerous accolades such as 5-star ratings, book-of-the-month awards as well as voted best young adult book in 20 years that dealt with Native Americans (April 17, 2013.) I use background history in the first parts of a chapter, then historic fiction portrays unique cultural events—through adventurous plays and narratives—in the latter sections of all chapters. From correspondence received, I take pride in that teachers and their students really enjoy it. One reading teacher in 2004 wrote a letter stating the book is “educational and entertaining.” More than a decade later an adolescent e-mailed, “Best book I’ve ever read.” Although these messages are 12 years apart, both persons agree “Native American Action Stories” is special.